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The 500DKR Wildcat represents the pinnacle of the Wildcat range, equipped for the toughest terrain that rally raid events like the Dakar can throw at it.

For a number of years it has been the car of choice for many privateer teams, where it has proven its ability to punch well above its weight, frequently surprising many works teams with its rugged reliability and stunning performance. The results it achieves speak for themselves with positions as high as 12th and 13th overall in previous Dakars and a clean sweep of 1st , 2nd and 3rd places in the Pharaons Rally.

Qt have invested hundreds of hours in development to produce an even better package for the discerning competitor.

The car is centred around a high strength steel space frame chassis giving an extremely rigid safety cell to protect the occupants. This is coupled to all new suspension turrets capable of carrying a wide range of spring and damper options according to the client’s preference.

The entire frame is cloaked in a stylish light weight composite body shell which is designed so that the panels are easily replaced and removed for servicing and repairs.

At the car’s heart is the 4.0 Litre Jaguar V8 petrol engine, specially developed for Qt, which gives an impressive 275BHP with the FIA restrictor fitted and a superb torque output of 300 ft/lbs at 3850 RPM, with its variable valve timing, giving the car unrivalled drivability.

Qt have also developed a diesel powered version using the 3.0 Litre Jaguar TDV6 Diesel engine. Power output is 245BHP with 600nm of torque from the twin turbo unit.

The drive train has been strengthened to allow for the up-rated power with a number of gearboxes and ratios available to suit.

We have further developed the axles with new high strength half shafts and an increased range of differentials from heavy duty to limited slip.

One of the key areas of improvement has been the all new suspension mountings. This has enabled us to fit larger dampers with coil over springs which in turn have enabled us to tune the suspension to be able to take even more punishment. The top specification Donerre units developed specifically for Qt offer unrivalled adjustment and reliability coupled with their patented fast rebound system which improves traction stability and braking. In tests with three times Dakar winner Pierre Lartigue he stated: “it’s like the car is on rails”.

Easy recovery is essential in the desert and the Wildcat 500DKR is equipped with a high powered on board jack system enabling the car to lift itself up from a grounding situation with the minimum of effort. The car is also supplied with sand ladders stowed in the rear body to enable the car to get moving again.

Steering on the 500DKR is via a heavy duty power assisted quick ratio steering box. This unit also has special valving to give the driver a lighter feel vital in reducing fatigue in the long marathon stages.

In the driver’s compartment further improvements have been instigated to enhance the driving experience. The SPA dash gives the driver key information with a dedicated console and key engine parameters are duplicated for the co pilot. For this purpose we selected SPA programmable analogue gauges which are easy to read and have fully adjustable warning alarms built in.



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